Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Getting There - Buttericks 5316 & 5351

This Calc II class is kicking my butt, so these dresses will remain unfinished for at least a week, but I'm getting there!

This is Butterick 5216, a Fast & Easy Chetta B design. Made in view B size 12 with full lining, the armholes are already problematic. I think I should've made a 10 for the bodice and done a full bust adjustment (FBA). Oh well. Another issue is the pleating in the front waist area; I look poofy. It could be the full lining, but I really think it's the waist being too low (I have a short waist). Next time I'll do a petite adjustment.

I've made this pattern, Butterick's 5351,before in view A. Unfortunately, it was waaaaaay too big in the bodice (I initially cut a 14 since the finished measurements for that size aligned with my own measurements). This time I sized down to a 10 in the bodice and 12 in the skirt. Though it's a little snug in the bust, it's a much better fit than before. I did make a different (easier) view this time, C. And I clearly need to fix the position of the straps.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simplicity 3835 - Built By Wendy

But I did the hard labor.

Anyway, a quick and cute shirt, the middle view there. Made in a size 14, I eliminated the back seam (I wasn't going to include a zipper) and nixed the elasticated sleeves.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fabric Haul - Vogue is Threatening to Bankrupt Me

So even though my car is out of commission and I'm dealing with some money issues, I still had the audacity to go to Vogue Fabrics for their Super Summer Sale! (Capitalization and punctuation all theirs.) I figure spending a few bucks on some fabric is much more responsible than buying outfits. I figure this way I'll save hundreds. Right? (Right?)

Left: Stretch Cotton Print. Will probably become a sheath or dress with pleated skirt.
Right: Jersey Knit. Will become a simple bat-winged dress.

Left: Cotton Knit. Another simple dress.
Right: Jersey Knit. I love this one and will probably meditate on it a bit.

Left: Linen-like print. Not sure about this one either.
Right: Another gorgeous stretch cotton print. Probably another dress, but I'll minimize the print with a solid bodice.

Left: Cotton Jersey. Not sure.
Right: Gorgeous textured clearance fabric. Only $1.29 a yard! I'm already envisioning a fitted bodice and full skirt. Maybe a petticoat or some gold piping to add some interest. We'll see. Either way, I already have it accessorized:

Anyway, I haven't been completely sedentary. I've pretty much finished three dresses. I just need to hem them and add zippers. There's another that needs sleeves attached, and a final piece that I just cut out:

And just to get some instant gratification, I've made a couple of simple skirts:

Straight skirt with side vent in Alexander Henry's Bird Seed (yellow). Forgive the wrinkling; it's been worn.

Basically an elasticated tube made from a very small amount of Ikea's Majken.

And an unsuccessful tiered skirt from Laura Gunn's Lantern Bloom collection.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm Back: Summer 2010 Sewing

Yeah, so while I treat blogging in general like a red-headed stepchild (what's so bad about red hair? anyone know the etymology of this saying?), this blog in particular gets the poorly-dressed, humpbacked stepchild treatment. Sorry! I just have one of those constitutions where things go in cycles--lazy on, lazy off.

Anyway, I'm energized. After getting a shot to my sewing mojo via classes at The Needle Shop, I've been making plans, BIG plans: