Thursday, August 27, 2009

Headroom in the Bedroom

So the inspiration I cited here is slowly making a difference.

I made pillows for my now stained, erected, boxspringed, and mattressed bed. Again, Ikea is fabulous. Cheap cushions for covering.

$1.49 and $2.99, 14"x14" and 20"x20", respectively.

Easily turn those into these.

Reversible with piping

I recommend that finished pillow covers are one-half to one full inch smaller than the measurement of the pillow for a more snug, less baggy look. Also, don't bother with zippers. Just make the back panel about two inches wider, cut in half, fold and hem at the meeting points, and sew front and back panels together at all four sides to make an easily removable cover.

Also made a dress that I won't wear this season since summer was a selfish ass. Plus, I made it way bigger than I am, so it needs to be taken in and hemmed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Okay, So This Is Sooo Not a Knitting Blog Anymore

It's more like my hobby-of-the-moment diary, replete with pictures and good-intentioned but mostly unexecuted plans.

Right now my hobby is decorating my floor of the new apartment. The bathroom's done up in a slightly ridiculous luau/monkey theme, and the bedroom is next.

My inspiration? Laura Gunn's Lantern Bloom Collection for Michael Miller. Seriously pretty stuff. I love the whole turquoise and red thing. Mirar.