Friday, August 24, 2007

Plans and More Plans

So I've finally amassed a list of must-have items from my premier fall knitting magazines.

First up is the Kangaroo Tunic (a Wenlan Chia [Twinkle] design) from Vogue Knitting's 25th Anniversary fall issue. It's pretty much a shopping tunic with a buttoned collar and a kangaroo pocket, and I LOVE IT! I'm working on this now in Lion Brand Thick n' Quick.

From Interweave Knits I've selected another Twinkle pattern, the gorgeous Belle Cardigan. It has a cute little peplum and a v front. I love it.

I've also chosen a Teva Durham design, the Concentric Vest. I know for a fact I will be substituting yarn here; I hope it turns out okay.

There's also the Luna Dress. We all know I started knitting strictly for the sweater dresses; however, this is a maybe. There's still the Groovy Sweater Dress waiting in line.

I went to my LYS (Local Yarn Store), Nina, yesterday and picked up two Rowan magazines. One, entitled Newshapes, features patterns knit exclusively on their Big Wool and Little Big Wool, which means (yay!) big needles and fast finishing. The other is the fall issue, number 42. Unfortunately, their Britishness makes the patterns a little harder to understand than the ones I'm used to. They use different terms and insist on knitting portions of garments separately and seaming them together. I hate seaming, so I'll be taking a chance and re-writing them for simple one piece knitting. Anyway ... from fall issue 42.

Dude, I wish I could find a close up. The pattern on this baby is gawgeous.

A cute little cardigan.

I MUST learn to crochet because this shrug has to be mine.

There was also a dress in the magazine that I can't find a picture of, but I may be embarking on a small-needle project. It's just that darn cute.

From Newshapes (They all are named after spices cuz they got mad flavor yo.)

As you can see I'm going to be hella busy upping my sweater game. Stay tuned, I have new yarn coming in, new buttons to show, and a finshed object to photograph.

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LizM said...

Hi, just signed up as a blogger so I could post a comment! I really like your site - I found it whilst googling 'Twinkle Striped Tunic;' which I have actually knitted myself twice. The first time I knitted it in random coloured stripes using any yarn I had so I could use it up! Anyway, it was huge and unflattering! The next one I decided to knit with a stripy effect but not with different colours - just 6 rows plain and then 6 rows pearl - turned out much better than the first one but it stretched so much! I have had lots of comments about it but I am wondering if I should shrink it becoz it has stretched so much. I am now inspired to start my own site and show photos of my projects. You have inspired me to do that. i am just starting to learn HTML (teaching myself), and I think my first site will be devoted to my knitting! All the designs you have on your site I like too, but there are not enough hours in the day! Your orange collar looks good! Most of the yarns in Vogue Knitting are not available in Australia! Anyway, bye for now!