Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm So Official/I Have a Serger!

It's here, my Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger is here, right here ... in this house. My fellow seamstresses have to know why I'm so excited. I mean, I've been sewing on a Singer from the 50s, so I was in the dark about the strides the home sewing industry had made. I can attach a ruffle to another piece of fabric without gathering it myself? I can have finished seams just like the ones on store-bought clothes? Word?

So yeah, real excited about this despite the serious complexity of this machine.

Also, discovered some gorgeous fabrics online. (I'm telling you, Etsy is the spot for EVERYTHING!) Vogue is cool for well-priced, pretty standard pieces and accessories, and Jo-Ann has a few cute patterns in the quilting section, but if you really want something unique, you have to take it to the internet. Peep my latest purchases.

Check out Fabricworm on Etsy for more fabrics.

And while their fabric selection is a bit too pricey and just okay, Jo-Ann has the best pattern sales anywhere. Now I'm not so much into the whole pattern thing, but when a dress is on the agenda, I need some guidance, preferably guidance for $2.99 or less. No matter when you go, you can count on Jo-Ann offering just that, patterns marked way down--anywhere from $0.99 to $2.99. My latest picks are adorable.

Notice that they're all fast and easy. Mmm hmm.

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coreoposis said...

Nice machine. I had to laugh at that 1950 Singer, because mine is a 1960 Singer. And it's still going strong, too.