Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Blog (Blog, Blog, Blog ... )

I've taken up knitting, my ninnies. It tames the savage beast. A lot of you don't know that I have a lot of anger. It makes me say mean things sometimes. So, yeah, I'm knitting now. Just another step in the octogenarian spinster direction.

I'll be profiling my works in progress and my finished works. Chances are, there will be more of the former than the latter. If any of you other knitter (or crocheters) find your way to my blog, fraternize with me. Let us discuss our love of nice yarns and pretty sweater dress (mmm ... sweater dresses). Join me as I knit deez.

1 comment:

mmm said...

I have just found that your blog is next to mine by coincidence.
And by the way I like your knitting.
Good luck