Saturday, May 12, 2007

Knitting the Pain Away

Or something like that. No, actually I learned how to knit because I had just finished my student teaching assignment and thought I'd be unemployed and idle for some time, so I took up knitting. My goal was to make cool sweater dresses. So far, I've actually completed nothing. Just like anything else, I'm a great beginner, not so much a finisher.

Project #1

was supposed to be Stefanie Japel's Better Sweater, as seen here:

However, I'm really not a fan of the cropped look, so I attempted to make it longer through rows and rows of simple garter stitch. Unfortunately, the wide curved front looks weird on my boobies. The whole thing will be scrapped.

Project #2
When I first saw the evening shell from Twinkle by Wenlen, I was in love:

I was doing so well (only a few hours of knitting had yielded the entire body) and had almost finished. Then, I hit the armhole and neck shaping and got lost. That was about three weeks ago, and I still haven't tried to finish.
The front:

The back:

At some point, I'll finish cuz it's just too cute. I must remark on how super soft Twinkle's yarn is despite its thickness. Check out the book,
Twinkle's Big City Knits
, because the patterns are gorgeous and despite the misleadingly small bust measurements listed everything stretches, so don't be afraid that some patterns only go up to 30 inches. That 30-inch sweater is actually at least a large.

Project #3
After abandoning my former projects, I decided I'd go for something sleeveless and seasonless. I figured I'd do a brightly colored sweater vest that would easily knit up and could be worn with anything. Enter Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop.
Check out her website here. The Steek Vest

called out to me. It said, "I'm easy and would look great in watermelon," so I bought some of Caron's Simply Soft Quick, and got on it. Unfortunately, I'm easily distracted and have been too busy to make it beyond this:

At this point, I have to finish something. All these unfinished projects are just not cute, so I vow that I will have a finished something ready to post here by May 26th. If not, I'll smite myself.


Chanda said...

Project 1 - LOL!
Project 2 - lol :)
Project 3 - LOLOLOL!!! :D

atrackbrown said...

What's so funny, Chanda (said like CHAN-duh)?

Monica said...

it's gonna be funny when i casually learn to knit and wind up finishing your projects and keeping them for myself.